PP fiber(Polypropylene fiber)

KELAIDE brand polypropylene fiber is made of 100% polypropylene raw material particles through hot extrusion and continuous manufacturing processes. All performance indicators have reached or surpassed similar imported products. Our factory and Tsinghua University jointly developed an organic fiber-modified polypropylene (PP) fiber specifically for mortar. After a special production process and surface treatment, the cross section is a three-leaf (Y) shape, with good mechanical properties. When mixed into the mortar, it has a uniform three-dimensional random distribution, with high dispersibility and strong holding power with the mortar. Reduce and delay microcracks caused by various factors such as creep, plastic shrinkage, syneresis, chemical shrinkage, temperature difference and load, etc., thereby significantly improving the crack resistance and impermeability of mortar products, making the mortar integrity and flexibility improved performance, continuity and durability.


Feature & Packing:

Feature:It has a small diameter and a large specific surface area; it has good dispersibility in cement-based materials, resistance to acid, alkali, salt and other chemical corrosion, high melting point, and non-toxic.


Packing:1.0 kg/bag



Improve the impermeability and crack resistance of mortar, ordinary concrete, and high-performance concrete.

Improve concrete frost resistance, fire resistance, impact resistance, wear resistance and workability.

It mainly changes the physical properties of concrete, and has good compatibility with cement, coarse and fine aggregates and other additives.

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