HPS(Hydroxypropyl starch ether)

Hydroxypropyl starch ether (HPS) is a natural plant-based material. It is a white fine powder obtained by modification, highly etherification reaction, and then spray drying, without plasticizer. It is completely different from ordinary starch or modified starch.


★ Good fast thickening ability; some water retention proprety.

★ The dosage is small.The extremely low addition amount will achieve a high effect.

★ Improve the material's resistance to attenuation.

★ Improve the material's operability and make the operation smoother.

★ Extend the opening time of the material.


Technical Data Sheet


Application areas:

It can be used as admixture for cement-based products, gypsum-based products and grey calcium products. It has good compatibility with other building additives. It can be used in combination with hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC).It can play a thickening role, promote internal structure, have better crack resistance and improve ease. The addition of modified starch ether can significantly reduce the amount of HPMC added.



Recommended dosage: 0.05% -0.1% can reduce methyl cellulose ether by about 0.1%.

Packaging: 25 kg / bag

Storage: cool and dry, moisture-proof. Stored no more than one year.


Recommend Applications:

1. Various types (cement, gypsum, gray calcium based) putty powder for inner and outer walls.

2. Various types of (tile, stone) adhesive.

3. All kinds of decorative mortar and all kinds of plastering mortar.


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