CMS(Sodium carboxymethyl starch)

Sodium carboxymethyl starch (CMS) is an anionic polymer material. The appearance is white or light yellow solid powder,odorless and susceptible to moisture. It will be directly dissolved in water. The aqueous solution has good viscosity, stability, protective colloidal properties and film-forming properties. It is not prone to corruption. Stable u

nder strong alkaline and weak acid conditions, and precipitation will occur under strong acid conditions.

Note:According to user requirements, we can produce the corresponding index products that meet the requirements of using.




Paper grade CMS

Building Grade CMS

Ceramic grade CMS

household chemicals Grade CMS

Petroleum grade CMS

Printing and dyeing grade CMS



The product is non-toxic, odorless and white powder. The solution viscosity is stable, thick, not sticky and not dilute,.and it is resistant to acid, alkali and salt. It can use as a thickener in detergents. The role as follows: thickening, suspension and stability. It has the characteristics of high viscosity, instant solubility, detergent, colorless and high transparency.



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