Pregelatinized starch

Pregelatinized starch is a kind of denatured starch which is widely used in the production of new technology. It only needs to be made into paste with cold water, eliminating the trouble of heating and pasting. It is widely used in more industries.such as building materials, medicine, food, cosmetics, feed, oil drilling, metal casting, textile and paper making.

KELAIDE brand pregelatinized starch is a kind of natural starch as raw material. It has many important properties. For example: solution thickening; good water solubility; suspension or stability with glue solution; protective colloid effect; film formation; water retention; adhesion.In the construction industry (insulation mortar, putty powder, tile bonding, construction mortar, etc.),it can improve construction performance. At the same time, it can reduce production costs by about 10-20%.


High viscosity pregelatinized starch can be used as an additive for cement-based products and gypsum-based products. It has good compatibility with other building additives. It uses in combination with hydroxypropyl cellulose ether,.It can play a thickening role, promote internal structure, have better crack resistance, improve workability, and reduce the amount of hydroxypropyl cellulose added.

High viscosity pregelatinized starch has extremely wide applications in the building materials industry. The large amount can be used as retarder, water retaining, thickener and adhesive. In ordinary dry-mixed mortar, external wall insulation mortar, self-leveling mortar, dry powder surface adhesive, tile adhesive dry powder mortar, high-performance construction putty, crack-resistant interior and exterior wall putty, waterproof dry-mix mortar, gypsum plaster, scraper filler , Thin layer seams and other materials play an important role. It plays an important role in the water retention, solidity, retardation and workability of the plaster system.


Packaging and storage:

Packaging: 25 kg/bag

Storage: dry, ventilated and cool

Shelf life: one year


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