Polyvinyl alcohol is an excellent water-based adhesive. The general product is flake, granular or flocculent. It is not easily soluble in cold water. Heating is generally required during dissolution. After being finely pulverized and surface treated, it has better cold water dissolving performance. But because of its thermoplasticity, pulverization becomes particularly difficult. Our factory adopts a special liquid nitrogen low temperature cooling process to ensure that the powder of the crushed material is uniform. So that the material has excellent water solubility.

Polyvinyl alcohol is produced by the polymerization of vinyl acetate. Then, polyvinyl acetate was saponified under the action of different alkali amounts to obtain polyvinyl alcohols having different degrees of alcoholysis. Cold-soluble polyvinyl alcohol powder is made by partially cold-milling polyvinyl alcohol by cryogenic milling. It is a water-soluble, environmentally friendly white solid powder.



Good film formation, adhesion, solvent resistance, friction resistance and tensile strength.

Appearance:White solid powder

Melting point:180-190℃

Size:80-120 mesh


★ Small particles, small dosage, easy to disperse.

★ Dissolved in cold water.

★ Good bonding performance; improve mortar strength.

★ Prevent mortar from cracking and detaching; increase adhesion strength and smoothness.

★ Non-toxic, tasteless and environmentally friendly.



Mortar, putty powder, coating, interface agent, decorative plaster, tile jointing agent, silicon nitride and other industrial ceramic powder bonding, cement, gypsum additives, etc.


Packaging and storage: 25kg/bag;below 30 ℃, cool,dry and Suncare

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