VAE(Redispersible Polymer Powder)

VAE(Redispersible Polymer Powder/Redispersible Powder)

The redispersible polymer powder(VAE) is a water-soluble re-dispersible powder. It is a copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate. It uses polyvinyl alcohol as a protective colloid. By adding re-dispersible latex powder, the performance of mortar with cement or gypsum as the substrate can meet the needs of various constructions.


Recommendation Application:

1.Dry putty powder

2.Tile adhesive


4.Surface modification cement

5. Thermal insulation mortar

6.Tile renovation interface agent

7.Powder latex paint

8.Thermal insulation building materials

Redispersible polymer powder(VAE) can be redispersed into emulsions quickly after contact with water. Due to their high binding ability and unique properties. Such as water resistance, workability and heat insulation. they are range of applications that is extremely wide.


1. Dry powder putty: improve the bonding strength, adhesion to the base layer, continuous film formation, dry powder putty is not affected by weather and humidity, making the product more stable, strong alkali resistance, and excellent waterproof performance.

2. Tile adhesive: It has extremely strong adhesion to the wall and bonding strength, which is necessary for high-grade tiles.

3. Tile refurbishment interface agent: good bonding strength, strong adhesion to the base surface of tiles and other surfaces that are smooth and non-absorbent.

4. External wall insulation: bonding mortar, plastering mortar and other construction mortars, especially suitable for flexible construction mortars.


1. It can improve its adhesion, flexural strength, abrasion resistance and workability.

2. High flexibility and good bonding strength.

3. It has extremely outstanding waterproof performance.

4. Increase the elasticity of the mortar and have a longer open time.

5. Give the mortar excellent alkali resistance.


1.Redispersible powder for waterproof

2.Redispersible powder for tile and plaster mortar

3.Redispersible powder for Self-leveling

4.Redispersible powder for diatom mud

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